Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bardic Circle #1 The Winter Court

Be welcome to the Bardic Circle podcast.

Apologies to my Southern Hemisphere fans, but this podcast has to do with Northern Hemisphere seasons (Winter being almost over, Spring on its way).

The Winter Court is read by Juliann from the It Won't Kill You Podcast at

Hope you like it!

The music from this is from Marc Gunn, "Titania, Wake My Sweet Queen." from the Podsafe Music Network at Http://

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Episode 0: Sweet Pain Free

This is the Episode 0 podcast of "The Bear's Grove: Bardic Circle"
Located at, with the show notes at, the Bardic Circle is a spoken-word / dramatic reading podcast of original RPG, gaming and game-related fantasy, horror and science fiction.

This week's story is "Sweet Pain Free," by Sam Chupp, voiced by Juliann of the It Won't Kill You podcast. This story was originally written for the ShadowNEssence website / forum. It is a horror story in the "Wraith: the Oblivion" universe and really should be rated PG-13 or R - so it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR AROUND KIDS.

Music is by Fumitaki Anzai and Brother Love. We return to our regular format next week. Thanks!

New Podcast

Welcome to the Bear's Grove: Bardic Circle podcast.

This podcast will be an anthology of gaming-related fiction pieces.